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Published Works

The Half-Elven Trilogy (Book One: Starwatcher and Book Two: Sparkweaver)



“The stars are cold and blind ‘til we warm them with our need and sing of what they see.”


From The Song of the Starwatchers

In a land ravaged by plague, the new King hopes a volatile mix of faith, superstition, and trade might save his realm. Muren, the stubborn and impulsive son of the King’s Starwatcher, turns to the reticent elves of Longwood for answers. Through the discovery and loss of everything he loves, Muren finds himself the reluctant father of a forbidden child, and the centre of a conflict that threatens to decimate a world he is ill equipped to save.

What makes a hero? Muren may want to be one. His daughter, Kirsten, may have to be one. The world will certainly need them both.




Saving the World is not Enough!
Kirsten has a mother to rescue from the Edge of the World, and a father to rescue from himself.
Sparkweaver follows Kirsten as she slowly matures under the care of Helba, Raisha, Balinor, and, occasionally, Muren. Isolated in the Highlands, she is hardly prepared to deal with the dangers of the larger realms.
The dwarves of Thunderwall emerge from their besieged holdfast to play a greater part in the brooding conflict. The gnomes begin to tinker with forces they can't control. Personal and political schemes intertwine with promises of revenge, and even the best plans unravel twist by twist. Behind it all, the lifebane awaken the chaotic Drakes of First Dawn as the world spins towards full scale war.
Kirsten finds herself alone on a quest to prove herself worthy to the elves of Longwood—or die. All she needs to do is discover a mythic sword, the Fahde, that may only exist in the earliest tales of the Rajala.
Kirsten won't admit it but she is going to need some help.

The Half-Elven Trilogy (Book One: Starwatcher and Book Two: Sparkweaver)